White Tea

White tea is prepared from almost pure, unadulterated tea leaves and buds. Quality white tea is made from the first new buds and young leaves of the spring. The leaves are plucked, then almost immediately steamed or fired to prevent oxidation, and last they are dried. White tea leaves are often shaded from sunlight to prevent development of chlorophyll.

Most white teas steep well two or three times. Rinse the leaves with hot water before steeping, to remove any tiny particles or sediment from the leaves, as these small particles can make the tea very bitter. (This can best be done by putting the leaves in a coarse mesh strainer in a teapot, filling the pot with hot water, and then draining the pot. This will both warm the pot and rinse the leaves.)


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This is the world’s most prized white tea. Yin Zhen is only picked o a few spring days each year, before sunrise, and consists purely of unopened buds.

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