Origin: Darjeeling, India

  • Varietal: China Bush
  • Harvest: June


  • 2 grams of tea leaves
  • 8 oz. water at 200°F
  • 1st infusion 4 minutes,
    2nd infusion 4-5 minutes.

This Darjeeling is unusual for its soft, ripe grape and peach flavors reminiscent of a dark oolong more than a typical black Darjeeling.

More about Darjeeling tea:

Darjeeling represents a small, mountainous microclimate in the Himalayan Foothills, where heirloom small-leaf “China Bush” tea plant cultivars thrive to create black teas of signature flavor. Each year, the very best micro-lots of the 2nd Flush harvest in June are denoted as “Muscatel” because their luscious aromas evoke the succulent, lychee-like sweetness of muscat grapes and Moscato wine. In the Cupping Room this year, we selected micro-lots from the Marybong, Lingia and Chamong estates for our Darjeeling Muscatel Premium. These teas stood out for their classic Muscatel character, red-amber infusion color and smooth, rich mouthfeel. Enjoy this tea throughout the year as we curate from one micro-lot to the next, allowing each to to “ripen” and richen into its full potential.

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