Golden Brow Souchong

Jin Jun Mei Waishan

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Origin: Wuyi, Fujian

  • Varietal: Wuyi Caicha Cultivar
  • Harvest: Early April
  • Farming: Biodynamic Organic Farming


  • 2 grams of tea leaves
  • 4 oz. water at 212°F
  • Brew for 10 seconds
  • Up to 6 steepings

Golden Brow is only made of tea buds and has a taste of honey, fruit, and flowers with a long finish. This particular Lapsang Souchong tea follows the tradition of a very prestigious tea made from the Tongmu region, and is made on Wuyi Mountain.  This allows us to bring you a delicious tea at an affordable price.

More about Golden Brow Souchong tea:

Also known as Golden Junmee, Jin Jun Mei, the newest member of Lapsang Souchong, was created in 2005. Made of only tender buds, the exquisite black teas is seen as the high-end Lapsang Souchong and one of the most expensive teas in China. Jin Jun Mei tea comes from the Wuyi Mountain, Fujian province. In the July of 2005, Mr. Jiang Yuan Xun, the general manager of Wu Yi Zheng Shan tea company accompany guests from Beijing to the Wuyi National Nature Reserve around 1800 meters above sea level. It was Early Spring and tea buds were sprouting vigorously. The guests suddenly asked why not make some black tea of only buds? The buds were then sent to Tongmu village where the first black tea in the world, Lapsang Souchong, was created about 400 years ago. The tea master Mr. Liang Jun De conducted the experiment by himself, It was made by the traditional Lapsang Souchong production methods combined with improved technique and skills. The tea was finally finished with a brand new black tea Jin Jun Mei.

Jin Jun Mei is made of only tea buds. Delicately twisted leaves with a high concentration of golden tips distinguishes this tea from other black teas. The quality of the tea really shines through in this absolutely gorgeous black tea. The tea itself is stunning in its beauty, with tippy golden leaves that smelled malty yet bright. This tea brews up into a deep red color, that holds a very bold, deep and crisp flavor. Be careful not to overbrew it. A full-bodied infusion deep red with a honey-like sweetness, a subtle milkiness and light coppery finish. It has a nice taste and does not need anything added to it.

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