Long Jing


Origin: Anhui, China

  • Varietal: Longjing
  • Harvest: Late March
  • Farming: Organic


  • 4 grams of tea leaves
  • 8 oz. water at 175°F
  • Brew for 3 minutes
  • Up to 2 steepings

Dragonwell (Long Jing) is China’s most prized green tea. The unrolled leaves are needle-like in appearance and have a unique chestnut flavor and aroma. Mellow, cooling and refreshing.

More about Dragonwell tea:

Long Jing, or “Dragon Well,” is a classic Chinese green tea that undergoes special pan-firing and hand-shaping in hot woks to give the tender spring-harvested tea leaves a flat, sword blade shape. Dragon Well traditionally has a rich, savory and fresh flavor accented by hints of toasted chestnut.

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