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Origin: Huangshan, China

  • Varietal: Shi-da Cultivar
  • Harvest: Mid April
  • Farming: Biodynamic Organic Farming


  • 2 grams of tea leaves
  • 4 oz. water at 175°F
  • Brew for 1-2 minutes
  • Up to 4 steepings

The liquor is bright, clear and transparent, a very light yellowish green color with a refreshing, smooth, mellow and sweet aftertaste. The brewed leaves show a fresh, bright and even green in color. When touched with finger, the leaves are thick but soft and elastic.


More about Green Monkey King tea:

Taiping Houkui Tea joined the celebrity circus in 1915 when it won the gold medal in Panama Pacific Exposition and became the youngest of the Chinese Top 10 Teas since then.

Its leaf measures up to 2.5 inches; it is the largest sized leaf tea among the famous green teas. It produces an infusion with delicate orchid fragrance and a mellow taste which lasts up to four steeping. In a glass, the leaf gracefully sways in the water which is described as the ‘Phoenix dance’.

The Premium Taping Houkui Tea was produced in the Xinming township, Taiping county at the foot of Huangshan Mountain of Anhui Province.

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