Earl Green Bergamot Oolong

Bao Zhong Oolong

///Earl Green Bergamot Oolong
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  • Ingredients: Oolong tea, essential bergamot oil.


  • 4 grams of tea leaves
  • 8 oz. water at 185°F
  • 3 minutes (1st infusion),
    4 minutes (2nd infusion)

Refreshing with the alluring aromas of bergamot oranges, citrus blossoms and lilacs.

More about Earl Green Bergamot Oolong tea:

Bergamot oranges are pear-shaped citrus fruits grown in Calabria, Italy. Our supplier sources the natural essential oil from the peels of Bergamot oranges harvested from November to December, which have the most cherished floral aromatic complexity.

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