Tummy Tea

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  • oatstraw
  • melissa
  • catnip
  • nettles
  • meadowsweet
  • anise seed
  • fennel seed
  • slippery elm bark


  • Sold in a tin containing approx. 1.2oz.

The herbs in this tasty tea are known for their comforting action on the digestive system. It is good for nausea, nervous dyspepsia, flatulence and excessive gastric secretions. Tummy Tea is high in calcium and minerals.*

More about Tummy tea:

Moonrise Medicinals Herbal Teas are the handcrafted creations of  Joanne O’Neil,  clinical herbalist. Only the highest quality organic and wildcrafted herbs are utilized in her tea recipes.

*The teas described here are not intended to be used for diagnosis or prescription.

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