Independently owned and operated, Esselon was founded in June 2006 and has grown from an award winning cafe, to a retail and wholesale provider of fresh-roasted artisan coffees, fine teas, and coffee equipment, coffee and accessories.

Both our cafe staff, and our roasting crew, are highly committed to quality, consistency, and friendly attentive service.

Esselon coffees are hand-roasted twice a week, on site, to ensure freshness and quality of our coffees. Please see our Coffee page for more details on our artisan roasting process.

Esselon is also a wholesale distributor of coffee, tea, equipment, syrups, and alternative milks

Member, Northampton Chamber of Commerce. Click here to explore Northampton, MA. Also member, Amherst Chamber of Commerce.

  • Artisan roasted coffees roasted on-site
  • Indoor and outdoor dining
  • Ingredients from local and organic farmers
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly menu options
  • Kids menu options
  • Wine menu and a great beer selection
  • Pastries, baked goods, sandwiches
  • Friendly staff



By purchasing goods locally we pump resources directly and indirectly into the local economy, help our community build stronger tax bases and limit our carbon footprint because goods are less processed and travel shorter distances.

Esselon is 100% solar and audits its equipment regularly

Esselon employs low water usage faucets, spray heads and dishwashers


Esselon coffee is sourced via 2 methods:  Fair Trade Organic coffee cooperatives and Conventional Coffee Coops.

What is a Coffee Coop?
Group of regional growers who pool their resources to enable broader access to the necessary financial and operational instruments individual growers would not have otherwise. Coops not only ensure integrity and equity within the coffee industry, they support the entire regional supply chain through social and environmental initiatives.

What is a Fair Trade Coop?
The Fair Trade Organization works on behalf of coops to negotiate and secure fair labor practices, price standards, environmental sustainability initiatives and community development programs which pump additional financial and educational resources back into communities.

What is Fair Trade and Organic?
All of the above, but these coops have also invested in organic growing and processing methods, which prohibit the use of herbicides and pesticides

Read about some of our valued coffee partners below!

Guatemalan FTO: https://asobagri.com.gt
Sumatra FTO: https://kopigayoorganik.com
Ethiopian FTO: https://www.oromiacoffeeunion.org
Decaf Mexican FTO: https://tzeltaltzotzil.org
Costa Rican: https://www.coopetarrazu.com