The French Press, invented in 1929 and basically unchanged to this day, makes a rich, full-bodied coffee. As the metallic filter allows more fines and oils to seep through, a French Press produces a denser cup with a fuller mouthfeel than standard drip coffee. Also, ratios will vary depending on the size of Press and how rich you prefer your coffee.

12oz press: 24g coffee, 360g water
17oz press: 34g coffee, 500g water
34oz press: 65g coffee, 964g water
51oz press: 97g coffee, 1446g water

Grind: Coarse
Total Brew Time: 4:00

Requirements: French Press, kettle, water, coffee, grinder, timer, wooden spoon

Brew Key: Coffee continues to brew inside Press even after plunging, so pour it quickly

Note: We prefer a 15:1 coffee to water ratio and a 32 grind setting on an Encore grinder

  • Heat kettle of filtered water to 195-205 degrees
  • Add freshly ground coffee
  • Pre-heat French Press with hot water then drain
  • Start timer
  • Slowly pour all the hot water in container
  • Make sure there are no dry grounds at the top of the bloom
  • Briefly stir so that all the coffee is thoroughly saturated
  • Set plunger just inside the top of the brewer
  • Press coffee slowly and evenly at 4:00